S1E8 – Ice Scream Sunday: Behind The Mask – The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Ice Scream Sunday: Behind the Mask – The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Sammi here. I know Mandi dogs on me in this episode because I’ve been pleasantly surprised with a lot of her picks, but really, she should take it as a compliment! I keep thinking I’m walking into one type of movie, and her picks leave me so pleased with a different kind of movie than I expected every time.

With Behind the Mask, I thought that I would be watching a mockumentary filled with talking heads, retrospectives, and interviews. I was so happy to see all the action in the movie I didn’t know I would be getting.

The structure and telling of the movie is similar to The Cabin in the Woods, with a few key differences we go over in the episode. But, much like that movie, even when we expect things to go a certain way, the same way we do every time, sometimes life has other plans in store.

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