S6E2 – Rose Plate Special – Bachelorette Clare, Week 1

Rose Plate Special – Bachelorette Clare, Week 1

While Steve and I disagree on a lot of things in terms of contestants, we do agree on one thing right at the beginning of the episode – The first 30 minutes are completely unnecessary, and even anger-inducing. Why did they have to be so dramatic with quarantine? Why do they have to trivialize a pandemic? Just tell us the precautions you took and let’s MOVE ON with it.

We have a few favorites emerging, but honestly, we can’t wait to see what goes down with Dale. It’s gotta be good! Do we have to expect Bennett to stick around? Is one of the Blakes better than the other? Is Eazy as awesome as we want him to be? Only time, and future episodes, will tell for sure.

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