S7E2 – Rose Plate Special: Bachelor Matt James – Episode 2

Rose Plate Special: Bachelor Matt James – Episode 2

Already, we’re seeing an improved version of quarantined Bachelor Nation than we did for The Bachelorette. Nemacolin is a much bigger place for everyone to spread out, which makes the dates feel like offsite dates. We’ll see how long that illusion lasts, but for now, it’s such a welcome change from various banquet halls.

Victoria has definitely taken the lead as the main villain, and there isn’t much to like about her. Steve still thinks Kit could arise as a villain (and we take a look at her clothing – again, all respect to the artists, but we aren’t spending $150 on a sweatshirt any time soon), but Sammi thinks that Sarah may surprise us. Is it a trick of editing, or a sign of things to come? Who else will turn on each other? Only time will tell!

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