S11E10 – Rose Plate Special: Bachelor Clayton Echard – Episode 10

Rose Plate Special: Bachelor Clayton Echard – Episode 10

What a long, strange trip it’s been, with the Bachelor we didn’t necessarily want and the host we didn’t necessarily need. I’m not sure what it’ll take to get the show to understand that we don’t care about things looking the same every season. We WANT people who are interesting, and messy, and not the prototypical "Bachelor"-type. Rodney would have been a great Bachelor this season. Aaron and James SHOULD get a duo Bachelor season to match Gabby & Rachel. Wells SHOULD be hosting more. Why can’t we have the people we enjoy more of the time? Instead, we get this milquetoast, emotionally immature main character who can’t be bothered to think about women’s feelings. We see enough of that on dating apps. If this show is truly supposed to embody a fantasy, GIVE US A FANTASY! Give us people we actually want to see on TV. Alright, see you all for some very special episodes between seasons, coming soon!

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