Rose Plate Special: Charity, Week 9

Rose Plate Special: Charity, Week 9

Here’s what we’ll say about the finale: Kudos to the producers for faking out Sammi fairly effectively, but is it even a fakeout when she was operating on little sleep and lots of pinball on the brain? Hard to say. See you all for a bonus episode of Jilly Box opening before Season 16 of our podcast launches at the end of September!


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Sammi: And you’re listening to Rose Plate Special, the most dramatic googly eyeingist I have nothing for this because everything we said.

Steve: Was going to happen, happened.

Sammi: Paradise promoing us recap podcast of The Bachelorette ever.

Sammi: Yeah, it was so bad.

Steve: Ever.

Steve: Sammi.

Steve: Are you the bachelorette?

Steve: Nostradamus perhaps.

Sammi: Maybe.

Sammi: But here’s the thing that’s interesting.

Sammi: So first of all, sorry this is late everyone.

Sammi: I was on vacation and I actually took a break, which I never do, and so you should all be proud of me.

Sammi: But here we are also.

Sammi: Okay, so a couple of pieces of news.

Sammi: So yes, I was on vacation and that was fun.

Sammi: That’s not really news.

Sammi: Second piece of news that is news.

Sammi: The jilly box is coming probably in the next day or two.

Sammi: So if you are interested, we can do another special we’ll do between now and like The Golden Bachelor.

Sammi: We can do a special jilly unboxing for.

Sammi: Oh, and then yeah, here’s what’s interesting about this.

Sammi: Also, my notes are a little spotty, so I may need you to fill in because I watched this.

Sammi: So I was just telling Steve that one of the things that we did on vacation is we went to this retrocade and we played all you can play Pinball until like, I don’t know, almost two in the morning.

Sammi: And we got home and we started talking about the top 100 pinball games and we were talking about what we would want in our basement and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Sammi: And then I was like, oh s***, I got to start watching The Bachelorete in case we decide we want to record.

Sammi: So I went to bed at four in the morning.

Sammi: This is not like me.

Steve: And we’re recording late anyways.

Sammi: Yeah, I was up until four in the morning watching it and then I woke up the next day and finished it.

Sammi: So I might have missed some key things because I was all jacked up about pinball.

Sammi: Like I literally had maybe two drinks the whole night.

Sammi: It wasn’t like, oh, it’s partying hard.

Sammi: I was like really trying to crack the game.

Sammi: Barbed wire.

Sammi: Could not get it.

Sammi: Oh wow, not get it.

Sammi: But medieval madness.

Sammi: I had a really good round.

Sammi: Yeah, it’s one of my favorites.

Sammi: Anyway, so that’s what I was doing when I was taking notes.

Sammi: But yeah, so what’s interesting though is despite knowing everything that happened, they tricked me.

Sammi: I got tricked because I was like, oh my God, maybe it is going to be Joey.

Sammi: And I was like, wow, everything I thought was wrong.

Sammi: And I was like so shocked.

Sammi: And I was like, no way.

Sammi: So they fooled me hard.

Sammi: I really just was like, oh, this is how everyone’s leaning and this is what’s going to happen.

Sammi: And last week I was like, datten is a sure thing, he is a sure thing.

Sammi: And then I was like, I’m just not so sure.

Steve: So we’ve been in this game long enough.

Steve: Sammi, this is the trickery.

Steve: Because they knew that we knew that to was going to run away with this thing, so they had to throw us some swerves.

Sammi: I got so fooled.

Steve: Well, one thing’s for sure, because this episode starts off on Aaron, nobody in the entire universe thought that Aaron was going to be sticking don.

Steve: I don’t think they do Vegas odds for the Bachelor or the Bachelorete.

Steve: But if they did, you wouldn’t even be allowed to bet on Aaron because that’s how bad of a shot he.

Sammi: So yeah, it was just so basically and also they do this thing at the very beginning and, like, dawn gets claps and Joey gets claps and Aaron got nothing.

Steve: No, and it’s not because he’s a bad guy.

Steve: He’s the most uninteresting man in the world.

Sammi: They were just did something.

Sammi: Did you just say Aaron?

Sammi: Oh, I missed it.

Sammi: I was thinking about something.

Sammi: So and then when they’re like, we’re going to do a thing that’s never happened.

Sammi: Okay, this was my guess, which I think is funny.

Sammi: Like Charity’s brother is going to come on and propose to a long term partner on the show.

Sammi: But that didn’t happen.

Sammi: But that’s what I thought because I was like, bring nehemiah back.

Sammi: But that’s not what happened.

Sammi: So this is the best part, too, is Aaron.

Sammi: So she’s like, obviously this is what was going through Charity’s mind.

Sammi: I’m thinking is she was probably like, he came all the way to Fiji.

Sammi: What am I going to do, say go home?

Sammi: She’s like, I have to make it feel like he has somewhat of a shot or like something could happen.

Sammi: But I love that she was like, this is giving me acid reflux.

Steve: Yeah, it’s like, bro, you flew probably like 14 hours just to get dumped, which is real sad.

Steve: And if someone in production had half a heart, they would have told you to stay at home, but they didn’t.

Steve: And then it’s also sad because it’s like, I mean, we all knew you had to know deep down that she didn’t have a shot.

Steve: And then when she’s finally and you know, she walks about and everything, he’s just like, well, it’s okay.

Steve: I’m still in your corner.

Steve: It’s like, dude, she doesn’t need you and you don’t need to be here.

Steve: What are you doing here?

Steve: What’s going on, Aaron?

Sammi: Come on.

Steve: Come on.

Steve: I don’t know.

Steve: And then he’s such a dork and not in the fun way.

Steve: It’s just uninteresting.

Steve: And then he’s going to be on paradise and I could not find a shred of anything inside of myself that got excited for Aaron on.

Sammi: Feel like I feel like you just like Aaron a lot more than I do.

Sammi: But I just felt really bad for like I was just I mean, maybe this was something that raised his stock enough to make it worth it for him to be on paradise.

Sammi: It gave him more of a story that’s something that some of the women on the beach might be like, wow, that’s so romantic.

Sammi: You flew all the way to Fiji.

Sammi: It could work in his favor, for sure.

Sammi: But yeah, I was mean, I don’t know.

Sammi: And then he was like, the emotions I’ve always felt it’s good to feel again.

Sammi: And I was like, it’s been like two days, Aaron.

Sammi: I mean, it’s not like it’s been so long.

Sammi: It’s like maybe been a couple days.

Sammi: But the best part about this whole thing was they get to the rose ceremony and Joey’s like, am I on drugs?

Sammi: He’s like, blinking.

Sammi: I don’t have glasses to clean.

Sammi: What’s happening?

Sammi: Wait, Aaron’s here and Xavier isn’t?

Sammi: It was so sweet that he was like, what?

Sammi: I don’t even know.

Sammi: And then as soon as she gave Joey a rose, I was like, well, Erin is going home because obviously Dotton’s getting the other one.

Sammi: That was really obvious.

Sammi: And then she’s like, Erin, can you come with me?

Sammi: And he knew.

Sammi: Then he’s like, okay, yeah, Aaron is.

Steve: In the top three because technically you have to have a top three.

Steve: So what are you going to do?

Sammi: I don’t know.

Sammi: I guess at the end I feel like at the end that we’ve had it before, where it’s just like two of them, where one of them goes home early and then it’s just the two of them at the rose ceremony.

Sammi: It’s like, well, you both get the roses.

Sammi: No drama there.

Sammi: Goodbye.

Sammi: Yeah, but yeah, so that was inevitable.

Sammi: It was just inevitable.

Sammi: All my notes about Erin talking with Jesse afterwards were just that it was a generic talk and he’s going to be in paradise.

Sammi: And when they announced he was in paradise, I was like, that means he’s not the bachelor.

Sammi: And that’s good.

Sammi: Yeah, because that wouldn’t be interesting unless they gave him his own camera.

Sammi: Because I do think his insecurities would be interesting to watch.

Sammi: His internal monologue would be interesting to watch.

Sammi: But now we get the time with Charity’s family and Joey is first.

Sammi: And Joey had a terrible hometown date.

Sammi: I mean, it wasn’t like the worst hometown date, but it was just like awkward and lacking and he had the worst out of the four.

Steve: I shouldn’t say it was a B minus.

Steve: It was not like a colossal faceplant like in the past.

Steve: And many a man has gotten farther or as far as Joey with a worse hometown, but it was not yeah, yeah.

Sammi: It just was like, oh, wow.

Sammi: And so of course, then, so what’s interesting is what I’m trying to say is Joey’s hometown date was not very good.

Sammi: But with Charity’s family, it was like, he’s the one and he’s the best one, and don’t let him slip away.

Sammi: He’s perfect.

Sammi: And then, you know, Dalton’s hometown, it was like, you are our family now.

Sammi: You are stuck with us.

Sammi: You two are soulmates.

Sammi: This is happening.

Sammi: And then yeah, it’s like I can’t really talk about this without comparing these right away.

Sammi: But then Dalton’s time with Charity’s family was just kind of like I don’t know, I mean like he’s fine or whatever.

Sammi: He’s just familiar and he’s just kind of like who she always goes for.

Steve: And that’s interesting too.

Sammi: We want to see her shake it up a little bit.

Sammi: And I was like, is this really the time to be like rolling the dice?

Sammi: I don’t know, it was just kind of a weird yeah, anyway just try.

Steve: To commit to marriage.

Steve: Yeah right.

Steve: But like I don’t like I like Joey.

Steve: I don’t think he’s particularly interesting but he’s a very nice young man.

Sammi: I think he’s very sweet.

Steve: Yeah, but the thing that really stuck out to me, Dotton also very sweet guy.

Sammi: Oh yeah.

Steve: But when Charity was know, both these guys meet with her parents and they like both of them but they like Joey Moore.

Steve: And her mom made the comment that Dotton was kind of like the guy she had dated in the past.

Steve: Which is weird because she said that about Xavier.

Steve: And I feel like in my head, aside from them being like African American men in their mid to late twenty s, I don’t see a lot of similarities between Xavier.

Sammi: They’re very different I will say.

Sammi: I mean they both have interest in the health fields.

Sammi: I guess that would be a commonality but Dotton’s coming at it from more of a coachee integrative health personal trainer.

Steve: And that kind of an interest.

Steve: It doesn’t really inform their vibes or their personality.

Sammi: Personalities are very different.

Sammi: But that’s the only other thing that at least what I could see.

Sammi: They have that in common.

Sammi: But Xavier’s in a lab and datten’s more like with so that’s very mean.

Sammi: Like their families were pretty mean.

Sammi: I just don’t get the think and maybe I could be wrong.

Sammi: I don’t feel like dunn’s one of those go out with the boys kind of guys like oh well, if I’m out with my boys and something like I just would be surprised if he but I was surprised when Xavier said it, so who the h*** knows.

Sammi: But I just don’t get that feeling from him that that’s something that’s super important to him to be out with a bunch of toxic dudes.

Sammi: I don’t that’s but it could just be know a first impression thing where it’s like oh, this seems similar or whatever because Joey is so different that it’s just like that’s the only way she could compare it.

Sammi: I have no like it’s like who knows?

Sammi: But I think they’re both really good dudes.

Sammi: But it was interesting and even though it’s like I know what happens with production and editing and how they choose the stuff and whatever but still even though I know all that and I’ve been watching this show for 20 plus years, I was still like, oh, no, this is not good.

Sammi: And I was like, maybe Danton’s not as good as I thought he was.

Sammi: Because also last week we were thrown for a loop.

Sammi: So I was like, oh, maybe all the things that I was feeling about how good they were together are wrong.

Sammi: And then they, of course, did stuff where it’s like she’s saying I love you to Joey, and then Dotton says I love you to her and she doesn’t say it back, and you’re like, oh, God.

Sammi: Oh, no, what’s happening?

Sammi: This is so bad.

Steve: I like a season designed around just, like, emotionally messing with basically well, that’s how I felt.

Sammi: I was like, what is going on?

Sammi: And it’s like, late at night and I’m tired and I’m watching this episode and I’m like, what is happening?

Sammi: And then, yeah, gosh.

Sammi: I don’t mean I will say because I feel like the other thing that Charity’s mom seemed to focus on was just like, how Joey is just googly eyed all the time.

Sammi: But I feel like his I don’t think he would ever be like, he is affectionate and whatever, but he’s more like, I don’t know, kind of secure and solid and whatever.

Sammi: So I think the way they just look at someone they’re interested in is different.

Sammi: But anyway, it was an interesting juxtaposition, and I wrote wow a lot on my notes, apparently.

Sammi: I’m like, wow, family thinks he’s the one.

Steve: Wow.

Sammi: Okay.

Sammi: And then this whole thing is, like, interspersed with this whole oh, well, one of you is going to date the bachelor, but you don’t know which one of you it is.

Sammi: But we invited you all here, so it’s one of the people we invited here.

Sammi: It’s obviously not going to be some random person from the audience.

Steve: Yeah.

Sammi: And I was like, everybody stand up if you would like to date the Bachelor, like, what the h***?

Sammi: This is not how this works.

Sammi: And he interviews all these people.

Sammi: This was one thing that I thought was weird, and I was trying to find some conversation about it online, and I could not because they had someone from Oahu get interviewed.

Sammi: Right.

Sammi: And Joey lives in Hawaii and everything and everything that happened in Lahaina.

Sammi: Which happened in my family’s neighborhood.

Sammi: And luckily their house is still okay, but I don’t know if they even know if some of their friends are alive.

Sammi: It was very strange that they didn’t did I miss it?

Sammi: Because I’m like, I was tired and I did not watch this live.

Sammi: They didn’t say anything about what happened in Lahaina.

Sammi: Did they?

Sammi: I mean, I know it’s a different island, but a lot of people got moved to, um, for safety and because of capacity and all that stuff.

Sammi: And I was like, this is strange.

Sammi: This is live.

Sammi: So this already happened.

Steve: Yeah.

Steve: That you’d think that they would make some mention of it.

Steve: Now, it was really entirely possible that I got up to get another slice of pizza or grab a drink or go to the bathroom or whatever.

Steve: I have zero recollection of them saying anything.

Steve: So if they said it, it wasn’t a prominent point in the episode.

Sammi: It was just weird that they focused so much on Oahu and where Joey’s living, right?

Sammi: Like, it’s just so strange.

Sammi: And I’m confused that they didn’t mention anything.

Sammi: And I feel like they’ve gotten better about stuff like that, where it’s like, oh, this is something, even if the conversation is a little put on, where they’re like, we’re going to have a serious talk, and then they kind of talk about something, then they’re like, we’re glad we had this serious talk.

Sammi: But I was like, this is weird that you’re focusing extra on it, that you’re bringing in somebody to be on the show who lives on Oahu, and then you don’t bring it.

Sammi: I don’t know.

Sammi: Anyway, if anybody else feels the same way, let me know.

Sammi: But I thought that was OD.

Sammi: That’s all.

Sammi: Totally.

Sammi: Not that I think The Bachelor is great for that stuff in general, but it’s like if you want to start changing your image and gearing towards a younger audience, you might want to, I don’t know, be in touch with reality anyway, especially something like that, where it’s.

Steve: Like the thing dominating the news cycle.

Steve: It’s like, hey, you want an easy layup?

Steve: Guys just say anything?

Steve: Apparently not.

Sammi: Oh, well, yeah, it’s just really strange.

Sammi: Anyway, I’ll let you know if I find any conversations about it.

Sammi: But I was, like, trying to Google it.

Sammi: I was like, is anybody else frustrated about this?

Sammi: But I didn’t see anything.

Sammi: But I also wasn’t looking super duper hard.

Sammi: I was looking half.

Sammi: So charity’s, mom.

Sammi: Okay, so with datten yes.

Sammi: She’s like, he checks the boxes, right?

Sammi: He’s familiar.

Sammi: Familiar is easy.

Sammi: She wants Charity to have a hard time, I guess I don’t.

Sammi: And I wrote, well, maybe Joey Winston dotten’s the obvious Bachelor, but that wouldn’t necessarily make sense.

Sammi: Dot, dot, dot.

Sammi: I’m like, this is where I start to question myself.

Sammi: Yeah, and Charity is having a hard time, too, because she’s like, I just want to push.

Sammi: I just want a little just a little nudge and like, a direct just tell me how you’re feeling.

Sammi: And, okay, this is the part where I felt like I was getting tired and I was getting confused, but I know at the very least, she asked her mom, tell me what you think.

Sammi: And her mom’s like, I’m not going to do that.

Sammi: And she’s like, why?

Sammi: And she’s like, I don’t know.

Sammi: I’m direct.

Sammi: And she’s like, but you’re not being direct right now.

Sammi: That’s what I gathered out of it.

Sammi: It was like her mom was like, well, you know, I’m direct, but I’m not going to do that for you at this moment.

Steve: Yeah.

Sammi: And she’s like, don’t you know what you want?

Sammi: And Charity is like, no, that’s why I am asking you.

Sammi: And she’s like, come on, you know.

Sammi: Right.

Sammi: You know, you know, she’s like and then yeah.

Sammi: So she goes so she’s confused, whatever.

Sammi: She has a date with Joey and he brought a very cute gift for Charity.

Sammi: They both did a good job with the gifts.

Sammi: And he gives her the poem that they got in New Orleans and that’s very oh, she mentioned how the poem made the hairs on her arms stand up and they made the hairs on my arm stand up too.

Sammi: So whoever’s putting this season together, good job.

Sammi: I was like, wow.

Sammi: And then I was fully sold on at this point.

Sammi: I was like, well, if Joey ends up with Charity, I’m okay with that.

Sammi: That’s good, I’m happy, that’s fine.

Steve: This is totally mission accomplished, right?

Steve: What is the purpose of this episode?

Steve: The purpose of this episode is twofold.

Steve: One, to make us question what we know to be absolute reality, which is down, it’s going to win.

Steve: And two, to make us like Joey as much as humanly possible and potentially make him slightly more interesting than he is.

Steve: So that when he is announced as the bachelor, we go, okay, I’m fine with that.

Steve: I think they pretty much did it.

Steve: And honestly, I don’t know when Charity was announced.

Steve: I’m sure you can go back to an old episode.

Steve: I’ll just be like, I don’t know, no personality, didn’t see anything, whatever.

Steve: And she’s amazing.

Steve: She’s like the greatest Bachelorete of all time, practically.

Steve: Maybe, maybe this will work out.

Steve: Maybe I’ve been selling Joey short.

Sammi: Yeah, I mean that’s what always I mean outside of like I feel like I always liked Katie before it was Katie’s season, you know what mean?

Sammi: Like that was kind of an obvious, like Ashley long time.

Sammi: Like there’s a few people that and I liked, you know, there’s like a few people that I was always like, oh yeah, they’re going to be good.

Sammi: But there’s some people we didn’t see until the very end.

Sammi: Their know, you get like little glimpses of, um, yeah, I think Joey could definitely be a good mean out of what happened.

Sammi: Like everything that happened at the end, I was like, well, he’s the only obvious choice.

Sammi: Like if you don’t choose him, you’re going into a different season.

Sammi: There’s no way.

Sammi: And anyway, I’m just like looking through the vulture recap to see if there’s anything yeah, if there’s any notes in there because I just saw something.

Sammi: Sorry.

Sammi: We’re waiting to see if she’s going to pick Joey or Don.

Sammi: Right.

Sammi: We obviously know what uh, and then we get into the then.

Sammi: So Brooklyn and Kat are going to be in paradise and Braden’s in the audience and they do this paradise promo and they’re like four former bachelorettes are crashing the party.

Sammi: There’s a medical emergency I’m actually really excited about the nine days of no pooping.

Steve: Yeah.

Steve: I’m also excited about that because we got to hear the word poop baby.

Sammi: On national television and a truth box.

Sammi: I’m like, all right, okay, cool.

Sammi: This sounds great.

Sammi: And then there’s someone getting married in paradise, and it’s probably like an already engaged couple that comes down, like, has happened before, I would assume.

Sammi: And then they’re like, oh, are Rachel and Brayden going to get together?

Sammi: And I got very upset.

Sammi: Oh, my God, you better not.

Sammi: That sucks.

Sammi: And I was looking through this Vulture recap.

Sammi: It says, Brayden is here sitting right next to Rachel rechia.

Sammi: Get a job.

Sammi: Stay away from her et.

Sammi: Wait, hold on.

Sammi: Wait, what?

Sammi: Hold on 1 second.

Sammi: Oh, my gosh.

Sammi: How did I not know who Gabby was dating?

Steve: Oh, yeah, so oh, my is this is something that I was hoping to bring up?

Steve: Because I guess I’m dense and I didn’t really understand or process or notice it, but it’s like, oh, Gabby’s dating a woman.

Steve: I didn’t know that.

Sammi: H***.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: Gabby.

Steve: Good job, Gabby.

Sammi: Yes.

Steve: We love I had I had no idea.

Steve: And then I was just like, who’s that?

Steve: I was, oh, that’s so cute.

Sammi: And she even posted, told you I’m a girls girl.

Sammi: Yes.

Sammi: Gabby ayo so that’s awesome.

Sammi: And now I want to rewatch the finale because I was tired and I did not even oh, apparently.

Sammi: Okay, so she was on The View, and in an Instagram post yeah.

Sammi: She wrote, told you I’m a girls girl.

Sammi: And yeah.

Sammi: So it’s Robbie Hoffman.

Steve: He’s a comedian, right?

Sammi: Yes.

Sammi: Comedians.

Sammi: You should know, apparently.

Sammi: And yeah, this was announced on August 2, but I didn’t see it because I don’t pay attention to this stuff.

Sammi: But that’s super great.

Sammi: And yeah, I’m so happy.

Sammi: So one of the things that this Vulture article talks about is, uh, they wanted to see, like, a Robbie cam the whole time, mic her up and then let’s the whole the whole gimmick of, like, who’s the bachelor and who’s going to date him.

Sammi: And also, maybe Rachel likes Braden.

Sammi: I was like, I can’t handle all this stuff right now, okay?

Sammi: I’m tired, and I want to know what’s in that truth box, and I want to talk more about that poop baby.

Sammi: Those are the things I want to talk about.

Steve: Yeah.

Steve: Very interested in a poop baby.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: And then we find out.

Sammi: September 20.

Sammi: Eigth.

Sammi: We’re going to be playing double duty, so I don’t know what we’re going to do.

Sammi: We’ll have to see if we want to do extra long episodes or two separate Bachelor in paradise and Golden Bachelor episodes.

Steve: We’re going to figure it out.

Sammi: We’ll have to figure it out.

Sammi: Stay tuned.

Sammi: I’m thinking we’ll do each one because some people might be interested in one and not the other.

Sammi: Otherwise, we’ll do, like, a little time stampy in the description.

Sammi: So stay tuned for that, obviously.

Sammi: Let’s see.

Sammi: Okay, so we have the last date with Don, and he’s so sweet, and it was so cute, and he was like, I’m going to win over your mom.

Sammi: Just don’t even worry about it.

Sammi: And it’s like, he’s a great guy.

Sammi: He can definitely win over moms, so I totally believe that.

Sammi: And his gift was very cute.

Sammi: He was like, I made a treasure hunt, so how about that?

Sammi: And I was like, that’s pretty cute.

Sammi: And he was like, here’s my card, my resident alien card, like the s’mores and little memories of events that they did on their dates.

Sammi: And then at the end, it was a locket with their baby faces.

Sammi: And he’s like, you are my treasure.

Sammi: And that was very then.

Sammi: But the thing that’s weird is we see her.

Sammi: Yeah, they really freaking tricked me because she’s, like, bringing up Joey on this date, and he says, I love you, and she doesn’t say it back.

Sammi: And I was like, okay.

Sammi: Then we get the Neil Lane scene, which wasn’t like, that excessive this time.

Sammi: Sometimes it’s like, really long Neil Lane stuff.

Steve: It’s always weird to me because I feel like sometimes we get a lot of Neil Lane the man, and not just Neil Lane, the know, and other times you don’t see Neil at.

Steve: And this this was a Neil appearance season.

Sammi: Yeah, it was a Neil appearance, but it was not as major.

Sammi: I mean, usually I would say with The Bachelor, Neil is around more, but he was in the audience.

Steve: It’s just so funny to me because I’m sure in the jewelry world, he’s a big deal, but if you’re like, who’s Neil Lane?

Steve: I’m like, oh, that’s the guy who gives the rings on The Bachelor.

Sammi: I actually think that is the biggest deal.

Sammi: Well, I think but I don’t know.

Sammi: Let’s see if we can figure this out.

Sammi: Hold on.

Sammi: I feel like I looked this up before, and it was kind of like I thought that that was kind of the biggest thing.

Sammi: I thought his name recognition did get bigger because of The Bachelor, and that propelled some of his career.

Sammi: Oh, here we go.

Sammi: Here we go.

Sammi: Okay.

Sammi: Reddit is all over.

Steve: Always.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: But yeah, okay.

Sammi: Apparently oh, interesting.

Sammi: He turned them down for a while, and he doesn’t watch The Bachelor, which I think we found out recently that he didn’t watch The Bachelor, which I think is very funny.

Sammi: So it’s like his only frame of reference is getting flown in for these moments and these live appearances, and that’s it.

Sammi: And he doesn’t watch the show.

Sammi: That’s kind of awesome.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: So someone said, okay, yeah, I think it’s kind of like a Vera Wang type of thing at this point, you.

Steve: Know what I mean?

Sammi: Where it’s like there is a prestige brand and then you can also go to Kohl’s.

Steve: Exactly.

Sammi: You know what I mean?

Sammi: I think it was kind of like and yeah, someone said, I went into Kate and his rings are ugly.

Sammi: Lol.

Sammi: I’m sorry.

Sammi: Yeah, it’s like, if you’re going to get Neil Lane from K, I would assume that that’s not the same as the other stuff he yeah, yeah.

Steve: I would imagine he’s got his higher tier stuff.

Steve: I like the Vera Wang comparison.

Sammi: That’s the way I kind of always thought about Neil Lane.

Sammi: And from these comments on Reddit, that’s the impression I’m getting.

Sammi: As I say about Kay, every kiss begins at the mall.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: And apparently oh, gosh, I didn’t even realize that.

Sammi: So this was like 2009.

Sammi: Neil Lane feels so omnipresent that I did not realize it’s only been Neil Lane for like, 14 years.

Steve: Wow.

Sammi: Yeah.

Steve: Before that he was day one guy.

Sammi: I know.

Sammi: Before that it was Harry Winston.

Sammi: Sorry.

Sammi: There’s a comment on Reddit that says, in the industry, neil Lane is considered to be a little goblin character.

Sammi: And someone said, how so?

Sammi: And then there’s like some deleted stuff, so I don’t know about that.

Sammi: Anyway, yeah, someone said, okay, yeah.

Sammi: Neil Lane for Celebs is high end.

Sammi: Neil Lane at K is mediocre.

Sammi: Yeah, same as Verawing.

Sammi: I would yeah.

Sammi: Very interesting.

Sammi: He used to design customs for A list celebrities like Barbara Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor, and Angelina Jolie.

Sammi: Interesting.

Sammi: He’s like mid tier, they say.

Steve: Oh, man.

Steve: You hear that?

Steve: Neil Lane.

Steve: You’re just mid, baby.

Sammi: You’re mid.

Sammi: You’re mid, Neil.

Sammi: Well, he’s never going to listen to this.

Sammi: He doesn’t watch the show.

Sammi: He’s not going to listen to a random sorry, Neil, but yeah.

Sammi: So very interesting.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: So we had a Neil Lane scene, and then Charity comes out in her dress and I started tearing up.

Sammi: So again, I was tired, but I don’t know, this finale really did a number on me.

Sammi: And then she started to cry or almost cried.

Sammi: And I was like, don’t cry.

Sammi: Your makeup’s so pretty.

Sammi: And then as soon as Joey gets out of the car, my stomach dropped and so do the audiences.

Sammi: And I was like, you tricked me.

Sammi: You tricked me, you tricked me.

Sammi: And I was like, well, he’s going to be a great bachelor.

Sammi: And I cried so much during this whole interaction.

Sammi: It was awful.

Sammi: I was like, not okay.

Steve: So emotion.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: The dogs came over.

Sammi: They were like, do you need some support?

Sammi: And I was like, I am not.

Sammi: And like, Tuck was sleeping, obviously.

Sammi: Well, this was like yeah, because this was in the morning by the time I watched this.

Sammi: But he was like, in the other room with the dogs, and I’m like, crying.

Sammi: And they come over and they’re like, what do you need, mom?

Sammi: And I was like, I am just not okay.

Sammi: But what was really sweet was she did not cut him off, which was nice because I feel like a lot of the times the bacheloretes cut the men off.

Sammi: Don’t propose yet, but he kind of waited for a second anyway, like, should I keep going?

Sammi: And then she did a little I thought it was nice that she had a speech for him because I don’t feel like they always do that or it doesn’t feel prepared or whatever.

Sammi: And he was just like, It’s okay.

Sammi: He knew it was hard, and she’s trying to get all this out, and she’s upset.

Sammi: And he was like, It’s okay.

Sammi: And she’s like, Well, I got to do this.

Sammi: I want to do the whole thing.

Sammi: I want you to hear this whole thing.

Sammi: It’s important to me.

Sammi: And then she’s like, I found love that’s deeper with someone else, and I’m crying.

Sammi: I think she wins for the best goodbye speech ever to yeah, I was just, like, a f** mess.

Sammi: And then Joey’s in the audience, and then he gives the best bachelor audition in the car, and the audience is silent, and I’m just is really this is really great.

Sammi: I don’t know.

Sammi: That whole moment was really awesome.

Sammi: And then Zach’s in the right, so, like, they go through this whole thing.

Sammi: Like, Joey leaves, he’s in the car, whatever, and at some point they pan to Zach, and I’m like, God, both of these guys are so much better than Zach.

Sammi: And so really, there wasn’t a bad direction for her to go, I don’t think.

Sammi: It’s like she’s just got to decide how she feels, and she’s got to make that choice, which is always nice.

Steve: Too, because sometimes I’m like, no, not him, and this time you’re good.

Steve: Anybody’s fine.

Steve: Well, not Aaron.

Steve: And even Aaron.

Steve: There’s nothing wrong with him.

Sammi: With Aaron.

Sammi: If she liked Aaron the most, I’d be like, that’s fine.

Steve: That’s okay.

Steve: Some people have no taste, but that’s all you.

Steve: You do.

Steve: You it’s not harmful.

Sammi: That just reminded me of I don’t know why.

Sammi: I’m, like, thinking about classic York.

Sammi: Like, even Louis Vuitton makes so Joey is going to see Charity now.

Sammi: He gives his little spiel with Jessie.

Sammi: It’s like all kind of the normal the.

Sammi: I’ve done a lot of thinking and healing, and I’m on the other side, and I understand, and I just love and support her, and I just want her to be happy and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Sammi: And this is, like one of the most amicable reuniting moments, too, that I remember on the show, where it’s just like, she looks sparkly and beautiful, and he’s, like, giving her the biggest hug, and it was really sweet.

Sammi: And he’s still kind of, you can tell, emotional about it.

Sammi: He’s getting all twisty faced about it.

Sammi: He’s like, AW, shucks OD golly g whiz whatever.

Sammi: They made him very likable.

Sammi: They did a really good job because I was, like, a mess, and it was good, and then it’s like, okay, now it’s time for Dotton.

Sammi: And I was so emotional about the Joey thing.

Sammi: I was just kind of like, well, I knew this was going to happen, they tricked me, now I feel indignant and this all turned out just fine.

Sammi: I think what it is, is they are both very comfortable with each other and that’s like what you need for a normal relationship.

Sammi: You should feel very comfortable with each other.

Sammi: And so I think the familiarity is good here.

Sammi: And it didn’t feel like this with her and Joey.

Sammi: I feel like it’s a little more I don’t know, there was more chemistry and an explosive exciting way.

Sammi: But with her and Datten, it just feels very safe and comfortable in a very good way.

Sammi: That’s important.

Steve: Yeah, she made the right call and it’s the difference between maybe a sprint and a marathon here.

Steve: And it’s not to say that both these men would have provided her with plenty of happiness, but I think Datten is probably the better choice for something that you see as a long term relationship.

Steve: And Charity was super smart about it and she dumped Joey in the best way possible.

Steve: I don’t know how she does it.

Steve: It exceeds even the abilities of the editing on The Bachelor and the just she’s got it down.

Sammi: She handled everything perfectly the whole season.

Sammi: I feel like we’ve watched so many seasons of Bachelors and Bacheloretes kind of like step in it and yeah, not a single flub.

Sammi: Perfect season.

Steve: It’s kind of mind boggling, too, because it can be so stressful and emotional and god, breakups are f** messy.

Steve: They’re so messy.

Steve: And the fact that she was able to not only every single guy leading up to Joey and those are probably easier because some of those guys were you get you get down to Joey who is a man that you could probably marry and probably be pretty happy with and to just let him down like that, it was like a master class.

Steve: It was incredible.

Steve: Never seen anything like ten out of ten.

Sammi: Charity, yeah, she’s extremely emotionally mature.

Sammi: This is obvious, we know this.

Sammi: And yeah, she did awesome.

Sammi: Chef’s kiss.

Sammi: What a great season.

Sammi: Very happy about it.

Sammi: I thought it was really cute at the end that they showed that she was standing on a box.

Sammi: I thought that was adorable.

Sammi: I love little behind the scenes things like that.

Sammi: And she’s like, yeah, love just makes you so happy.

Sammi: You get taller and then they just show the box.

Sammi: I was like, that’s adorable.

Sammi: They’re just very cute together.

Sammi: And yeah, he can keep her safe from lizards or whatever.

Sammi: It’s good.

Sammi: And his family is like, that’s like winning the Jackpot.

Sammi: They’re a really cool family.

Sammi: That’s one of the best families I’ve ever seen be on the show.

Sammi: And his mom being someone who’s really hard to win over and going, yeah, you’re my family now.

Sammi: And Grandma being like, these two are joined at the soul, or whatever the h*** she said.

Sammi: I’m like, yeah, I mean, I just feel like you can’t get better than that.

Sammi: As long as you like the family and you like him, you’re in.

Sammi: That’s very easy.

Sammi: Then some life coach started talking, and I was like, oh, god, I need food.

Sammi: I need breakfast, because it was late in the day, and I just did not want to hear this.

Sammi: Life coach chuck.

Sammi: And then this was like one of the people.

Sammi: I was like, are you going to date the bears?

Sammi: And then mom we get to see charity’s mom, and they’re like, okay, how are you feeling?

Sammi: She’s like, I’m happy now.

Sammi: Yeah, he’s good.

Sammi: I like him.

Sammi: He’s pretty good.

Sammi: Or was.

Sammi: She wasn’t like, oh, my god, he’s the like, yeah, I really like him.

Sammi: I think at some point and again, I was tired.

Sammi: Didn’t we see Danton’s family and his mom in the audience getting emotional over everything?

Steve: I thought this audience was they were put through the wringer.

Steve: I’m pretty sure they were there, too, but yeah, everyone was super emotion, including datten’s people.

Sammi: I was so emotional, I just stopped paying attention.

Sammi: Yeah, it was so then and then she shows off her find that, personally, this is just personal.

Sammi: I find the rings kind of boring.

Sammi: They’re just like one big rock.

Sammi: Okay.

Sammi: But I’m glad she likes it.

Sammi: Okay.

Sammi: This was interesting.

Sammi: Do you think they’re going to shoot the golden bachelor different the whole time?

Sammi: Do you think the style of shooting is going to be different?

Sammi: Because did you notice how soft they made it and the camera work was all different.

Sammi: Is it just for the promo, you think, or what do you think?

Steve: I think that is just for the promo, but it definitely has a softer, different look to it.

Steve: It’s almost like soap opera esque in its presentation, which I guess is appropriate.

Steve: It is somewhat reminiscent of very early seasons of the bachelor.

Steve: So if you go back to the first three seasons yeah.

Sammi: Where it’s like a little more like romanticy.

Steve: Yeah.

Steve: And I don’t know if that is intentional or if I’m just like my brain has been permanently poisoned by watching the show for so many years.

Steve: But I think based on the previews alone, it looks like it’s going to have a slightly different aesthetic, and I am perfectly fine and open with that.

Steve: Because if there’s one thing that you can criticize about the Bachelor and honestly don’t make it one thing, make it a million things, because there’s plenty.

Steve: But if there’s one thing you can consistently criticize, is that they recycle the same ideas and visual cues and everything over and over and over and over again, so anything that can push them out of their comfort zone.

Steve: And I do think that old people are going to help with this because, oh, my god, the kinds of problems and emotional issues and things that they’re going to have to deal with are going to be totally different from the normal crap that comes up on the bachelor to bachelorette.

Steve: And when it’s not different, when it’s like, oh, and so and so has an 80 year old husband back home, that’s going to be even funnier and crazier, so bring it on.

Steve: I’m here for it, whatever it is.

Sammi: So and so has an 80 year old husband back home.

Sammi: I like that idea.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: I’m kind of wondering if it’s going to be messy in any way or if it is just going to be kind of like sweet and sentimental the whole time.

Steve: I hope not.

Sammi: I know you hope not, but I’m just kind of like not totally sure anymore.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: I’m interested to see what happens.

Sammi: We don’t have to wait super long.

Sammi: We’ve got about a month and you’ll hear from us at least one time in between then.

Sammi: Do you think they’re going to let the dog stay with him?

Sammi: Because that dog is obsessed.

Sammi: That was the cutest dog.

Sammi: Oh, my god, don’t tell me.

Steve: In my heart, yes, but in reality, I think they’re probably going to have.

Sammi: To say no because who had their dog?

Sammi: One of the bachelorettes, right.

Sammi: Had their dog with them or bachelors.

Steve: It just seems like a nightmare, like all the traveling they do and it’s just stressful for the dog, too.

Sammi: I think it was just domestic.

Sammi: Do you remember wait, hold on.

Sammi: Okay, let’s see.

Sammi: Golly, I don’t remember.

Sammi: There was one now.

Sammi: I just found the rambo thing, but yeah, there was one where it was like, oh, my dog came with me.

Sammi: Do you remember talking about anyway, whatever.

Steve: Well, rachel lindsay’s dog cooper appeared alongside her on the Bachelorete season 13.

Sammi: I just tried to that’s what it was.

Sammi: Okay.

Sammi: God, I mean, so much happened on rachel’s season.

Sammi: I forgot it was yeah.

Sammi: Oh, my gosh.

Steve: I had tried to forget rambo dog guy, but unfortunately rambo dog guy has now been brought back into my memory bank.

Steve: So thank you, Sammi.

Sammi: Yeah, I think it was just local, right?

Sammi: It was just like when they were in the states, the dog was there, so I was just like, maybe that would be a thing that would happen again.

Sammi: Because that was very cute and I really liked that.

Sammi: That’s all.

Sammi: And then, okay, so there’s no set date.

Sammi: So we see charity and Dotton and of mean, I don’t think there’s ever at least I don’t remember in the history of the show them being like, oh, and it’s probably, are joe and serena married yet?

Sammi: Because otherwise they’ll be the ones I.

Steve: Don’T know if they’re married, but they did a commercial for concealer or something together.

Sammi: They’ve been doing that a lot.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: Mark my words, they’re going to be the couple in paradise that gets married.

Steve: It seems.

Steve: So their star is rising.

Steve: Grocery store joe is the international commercial superstar.

Steve: Honestly, grocery store joe, you’re acting in these commercials.

Steve: You got speaking lines.

Steve: Are you SAG brother?

Steve: Like, should you be on the picket line?

Steve: Maybe, I don’t know.

Sammi: Oh, interesting.

Sammi: Didn’t think about that.

Sammi: Anyway, so yeah, I think they’re going to get married in paradise.

Sammi: That’s my I don’t I can’t remember any time where they’re like, oh, yeah, we have a set know.

Sammi: But they’re like, we’re enjoying the season of our she’s going they’re going to Greece.

Sammi: She’s always wanted to go to Greece.

Sammi: And so she’s going to get to go to Greece, which is sweet.

Sammi: And then she’s also going to be on Dancing with the Stars, which is like not shocking but cool.

Sammi: And then Joey gets announced as the new bachelor and we kind of knew that.

Sammi: And the first woman that we meet who lives on Oahu or well, she moved to La.

Sammi: But she’s from Oahu.

Sammi: She’s joining Joey.

Sammi: And then yeah, so they’re excited.

Sammi: But then she gets an envelope.

Sammi: It’s not a date card, but we don’t know what it is until night one.

Sammi: And that’s as much surprise as they can know because Jesse is like, well, you’ve never seen anything like this.

Sammi: And I’m like, this is like a pretty normal season.

Sammi: But you were like, we’re going to give you a trip so we can say it was a surprise.

Sammi: We’re not going to tell you about Dancing with the Stars until here.

Sammi: So it’s a surprise.

Sammi: Charity has got to be getting tired of surprises at this point because they also surprise her with a Bachelorete.

Steve: Remember that’s the theme for her series.

Sammi: She’s like, okay, here it goes.

Steve: Boys under pressure.

Steve: The charity story.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: I mean, for real.

Sammi: She’s like always handles surprises well but I don’t know if she actually likes them.

Sammi: We’ll see.

Sammi: Okay, let’s see.

Sammi: I’m looking through to see if there’s anything else I missed.

Sammi: That was kind of the big stuff.

Sammi: I don’t feel like there was just not a lot to say.

Sammi: Somehow we filled 45 minutes, but there wasn’t a lot to say about this episode except I cried a lot and it was good.

Sammi: And I’m excited for the Golden Bachelor.

Sammi: I’m excited for Bachelor in paradise and I’m excited for Joey being the bachelor.

Sammi: And that’s fun because when’s the last time I got excited about a bachelor?

Sammi: I don’t know.

Sammi: It’s been a really long time.

Steve: Yeah, it’s been a while.

Steve: But yeah.

Steve: Kudos to production for, again, taking a foregone conclusion, making it dramatic and selling me on someone that I thought was fine but boring.

Steve: So just high marks all around.

Steve: Charity’s great.

Steve: Everything’s great.

Steve: Sammi stayed up too late, got super emotional.

Steve: It’s okay.

Steve: Nothing wrong with that.

Steve: There’s nothing wrong with it.

Sammi: I’m excited all of you.

Sammi: I did it for all of you.

Sammi: And then we got home last night at like 10:00 and I mentioned this off recording.

Sammi: We played pinball until I don’t know.

Sammi: This is a problem.

Sammi: We played pinball until bar closed and so, yeah, my mind’s kind of fresh, but I’m just coming off vacation, so if I repeated myself a lot, you knew what you were getting into.

Sammi: Okay.

Sammi: You knew what this was also.

Sammi: You’re welcome.

Sammi: I hope you got your dishes done or got to your workplace or cleaned your office or whatever it is you’re doing right now.

Sammi: And I’m so excited.

Sammi: Yeah.

Sammi: The jilly box has made it through customs.

Sammi: It should be here in a day or two.

Sammi: And the grand reveal is coming soon, so you’ll get to enjoy that shortly.

Sammi: And it’ll be a nice break.

Sammi: Hopefully we can get it done before school starts.

Sammi: And then once I’m in the swing of things for school, we’ll have the golden bachelor and bachelor in paradise to record.

Steve: Love.

Sammi: It’s going to be great.

Sammi: It’s going to be great.

Sammi: If you want to see my slow decline into madness, come back on or before the last week of September, and I’m sure that’s what you’re going to get to see.

Steve: That’s right.

Steve: We’re making q four.

Steve: Every month of Q four is mental health awareness month on our podcast.

Sammi: It’s going to be like, why did I decide to do biostatistics and biochemistry in the same semester?

Sammi: Why?

Sammi: Anyway, so take care of yourselves, friends.

Sammi: Take care of each other if you haven’t had a chance.

Sammi: I mean, we are in the last moments of summer.

Sammi: I know a lot of us had a heat wave recently.

Sammi: At least here it’s broken.

Sammi: Make sure you’re getting outside.

Sammi: Enjoy that weather.

Sammi: Go for a nice long walk.

Sammi: That’s what I’m about to do when I get off of here and make jam as well.

Sammi: And, yeah, just enjoy those last moments that you have before it gets cold and dark, if you’re in a part of the world where that happens.

Steve: Yeah.

Steve: And you know what?

Steve: I’m going down to the lake as soon as this call is done.

Steve: I’m going to walk around.

Steve: I’m going to probably eat a snack.

Steve: I’m going to watch the sunset.

Steve: It’s going to be beautiful.

Steve: You know what I’m not going to do?

Steve: I’m not going to do needle drugs, because you shouldn’t do needle drugs.

Steve: Don’t do needle drugs.

Steve: You got to hit them with the triple because they going to hear from us for a little while.

Sammi: We’ll be back with a jilly box.

Steve: And a double bachelor experience.

Steve: Oh, lordy.

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