Rose Plate Special: Andi Dorfman’s First Book – “It’s Not Okay”

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Rose Plate Special: Andi Dorfman's First Book - "It's Not Okay"

It’s Not Okay, Andi: We Review Andi Dorfman’s First Book

It may have been several years since our no-nonsense, assistant DA queen Andi Dorfman has been a regular part of Bachelor Nation, but she has definitely stayed busy! Since her time on the show, Andi has written two New York Times Bestsellers, become a fitspiration, and…also sells merch!

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During quarantine, Sammi found herself spending a lot of time perusing her library’s digital book catalog. While she’s still holding out hope for Bachelor Nation and I Didn’t Come Here to Make Friends, what was available was Andi’s debut novel. And oh, what a ride it is. Learn what your favorite Bachelor fans are doing in quarantine, what we have coming up for these future weeks in limbo, and what the Goodreads users had to say about this particular tome.

We bet you can’t guess which fictional character Andi idolizes. It rhymes with Garry Bradshaw, but that’s the only hint I’ll give you.

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