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Rose Plate Special: Charity, Week 9

Rose Plate Special: Charity, Week 9

Here’s what we’ll say about the finale: Kudos to the producers for faking out Sammi fairly effectively, but is it even a fakeout when she was operating on little sleep and lots of pinball on the brain? Hard to say. See you all for a bonus episode of Jilly Box opening before Season 16 of our podcast launches at the end of September!


Please forgive minor typos!

Sammi: And you’re listening to Rose Plate Special, the most dramatic googly eyeingist I have nothing for this because everything we said.

Steve: Was going to happen, happened.

Sammi: Paradise promoing us recap podcast of The Bachelorette ever.

Sammi: Yeah, it was so bad.

Steve: Ever.

Steve: Sammi.

Steve: Are you the bachelorette?

Steve: Nostradamus perhaps.

Sammi: Maybe.

Sammi: But here’s the thing that’s interesting.

Sammi: So first of all, sorry this is late everyone.

Sammi: I was on vacation and I actually took a break, which I never do, and so you should all be proud of me.

Sammi: But here we are also.

Sammi: Okay, so a couple of pieces of news.

Sammi: So yes, I was on vacation and that was fun.

Sammi: That’s not really news.

Sammi: Second piece of news that is news.

Sammi: The jilly box is coming probably in the next day or two.

Sammi: So if you are interested, we can do another special we’ll do between now and like The Golden Bachelor.

Sammi: We can do a special jilly unboxing for.

Sammi: Oh, and then yeah, here’s what’s interesting about this.

Sammi: Also, my notes are a little spotty, so I may need you to fill in because I watched this.

Sammi: So I was just telling Steve that one of the things that we did on vacation is we went to this retrocade and we played all you can play Pinball until like, I don’t know, almost two in the morning.

Sammi: And we got home and we started talking about the top 100 pinball games and we were talking about what we would want in our basement and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Sammi: And then I was like, oh s***, I got to start watching The Bachelorete in case we decide we want to record.

Sammi: So I went to bed at four in the morning.

Sammi: This is not like me.

Steve: And we’re recording late anyways.

Sammi: Yeah, I was up until four in the morning watching it and then I woke up the next day and finished it.

Sammi: So I might have missed some key things because I was all jacked up about pinball.

Sammi: Like I literally had maybe two drinks the whole night.

Sammi: It wasn’t like, oh, it’s partying hard.

Sammi: I was like really trying to crack the game.

Sammi: Barbed wire.

Sammi: Could not get it.

Sammi: Oh wow, not get it.

Sammi: But medieval madness.

Sammi: I had a really good round.

Sammi: Yeah, it’s one of my favorites.

Sammi: Anyway, so that’s what I was doing when I was taking notes.

Sammi: But yeah, so what’s interesting though is despite knowing everything that happened, they tricked me.

Sammi: I got tricked because I was like, oh my God, maybe it is going to be Joey.

Sammi: And I was like, wow, everything I thought was wrong.

Sammi: And I was like so shocked.

Sammi: And I was like, no way.

Sammi: So they fooled me hard.

Sammi: I really just was like, oh, this is how everyone’s leaning and this is what’s going to happen.

Sammi: And last week I was like, datten is a sure thing, he is a sure thing.

Sammi: And then I was like, I’m just not so sure.

Steve: So we’ve been in this game long enough.

Steve: Sammi, this is the trickery.

Steve: Because they knew that we knew that to was going to run away with this thing, so they had to throw us some swerves.

Sammi: I got so fooled.

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