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S1E12 - Ice Scream Sunday: Swimfan

Ice Scream Sunday – Swimfan

Picture it: A mall in 2002. High School Sammi attends a movie with her friends called Swimfan. She is scandalized! How did she get to watch this steamy PG-13 movie? And this starts her obsession with thrillers, horror movies, and all other psychological cinematic masterpieces. Unfortunately, Swimfan is far from a masterpiece. Not as nuanced and complex as Fatal Attraction, not as sympathetic of a character, but still, fun to dip into for nostalgia’s sake. Little did Sammi know, almost 20 years later, she would be lamenting the severe lack of Jason Ritter in most scenes, and marvel at the career development for Shiri Appleby and Erika Christensen.

Oh, also, my bad – I say “Portrait” instead of “Picture” for The Picture of Dorian Gray – I hope you’ll forgive my literary transgression, and on the topic, here’s an article referencing what I was talking about – “How Gay Was Dorian Gray?”

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