S1E2 – Ice Scream Sunday Episode 2: Hell Night

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Pop Culture Diner
S1E2 - Ice Scream Sunday Episode 2: Hell Night

Ice Scream Sunday Episode 2 – Hell Night

Hell Night, released in 1981, is everything you would expect in a slasher movie – hot, young people trapped in one place who get picked off more or less one by one, with a small number of survivors (I’ll keep the exact number off of here to avoid being more spoilery than I already have been). But also, it’s got the haunted house themes and Greek life to content with, so there’s a lot at play here. We both agree that Linda Blair did NOT deserve a Razzie for this role. Her acting was one of the best parts of the movie, so don’t believe the hype. As a bonus, at the beginning, Sammi tells her Vince Van Patten story (it’s not all that interesting, but listen anyway).

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