S1E5 – Ice Scream Sunday – The Cabin in the Woods

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Pop Culture Diner
S1E5 - Ice Scream Sunday - The Cabin in the Woods

Ice Scream Sunday – The Cabin in the Woods

Sammi here again. I picked The Cabin in the Woods because it is one of my all-time favorite horror movies. And one of my favorite things about it is the meta nature of the story (for those of you who haven’t already watched this movie, please stop reading now and watch it immediately, because the entire movie is a spoiler by its very nature).

Hi to everyone who is left! This is one of those movies that I revisit every couple years to scratch that itch of needing to watch something that feels satisfying from start to finish. I love the commentary on horror movie tropes. I love the characters who make up the organization. I love the unlikely hero story of Marty. But it doesn’t mean I left this movie without any questions. In this episode, we do something a little different – spend less time recapping and more time asking those questions: How does the Japanese scenario work, or the scenario in any other country? Why is there a giant kill button the characters are able to press? How did the box dye look so good? And is this a movie that will encourage kids to do DRUGS? We ask all these questions and many, many more in this episode of Ice Scream Sunday. We also spend some time talking about the video game adaptation that never was, but not to worry, you can almost scratch that itch by playing Until Dawn as many times as you want!

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