S1E9 – Ice Scream Sunday: Trick ‘r Treat

Pop Culture Diner
Pop Culture Diner
S1E9 - Ice Scream Sunday: Trick 'r Treat

Ice Scream Sunday: Trick ‘r Treat

So, the way that podcasts work is that we record them in the past, and you get to listen to them in the future. In this case, we recorded this on Saturday, not long after the latest election news, but you’ll be listening to this on Sunday. So if anything really strange happens between now and then, this is why we didn’t address it.

What we did talk about is our enjoyment of Trick ‘r Treat, our appreciation of the stories weaving in and out, and our personal favorite segments. This is a classic movie in Mandi’s home, played every year, so do her a favor – Even though it’s after Halloween, give this one a watch. You may even find that it was on sale on YouTube like Sammi did!

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