S5E3 – Rose Plate Special: Classic Seasons – Ben Higgins

Pop Culture Diner
Pop Culture Diner
S5E3 - Rose Plate Special: Classic Seasons - Ben Higgins

The Bachelor Classic Seasons: Ben Higgins

Oh, Ben Higgins. The last good Bachelor we can look back on and go, wow, we’ve really devolved, haven’t we? We all know there’s a special place in Sammi’s heart for snack boi Colton, but Ben Higgins was a pretty stand-up, solid dude. Attractive, kind, and mostly together, with one tragic flaw: He believed he was unlovable. We recount Ben’s season, the first time ever a Bachelor or Bachelorette said “I love you” to TWO different people.

Throughout the episode, you can really tell who we have grown to love over the years, and who we can’t stand. Stick around till the end for a deep dive of one of the former contestants’ lifestyle blogs. You won’t regret it.

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