S5E4 – Rose Plate Special: Classic Seasons – Jojo

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S5E4 - Rose Plate Special: Classic Seasons - Jojo

The Bachelor Classic Seasons: Jojo

It will become obvious to you when you listen to this recap that Jojo is one of Steve’s all-time favorite Bachelorettes, if not his most favorite. And there’s a good reason for that. Jojo is smart, beautiful, and fun. The love story of her season went off mostly without a hitch, and she’s still with the guy she chose from the show. That’s all great.

But we’re not here to talk about Jojo. We’re, instead, here to talk about the villain we all love to hate. Our problematic fave. A person whose name is generally associated with punching holes in walls (which he has done). But life can’t be all “blueberries and paper airplanes,” so it’s good for us to address the bad with the good.

This episode also features a lot of Sammi resisting liking Jordan, probably just because she loves Aaron Rodgers so much that she has a hard time siding with the rest of his family. So yeah, she pushes that agenda hard, and she’s sorry in advance of anyone listening to this episode.

We also revisit our love and admiration for Wells and Evan, the heroes of this season and the franchise itself.

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