S5E6 – Rose Plate Special: Classic Seasons – Brad Womack

Pop Culture Diner
Pop Culture Diner
S5E6 - Rose Plate Special: Classic Seasons - Brad Womack

Rose Plate Special: Classic Episodes – Brad Womack

We’ll scream this from the mountaintops – Justice for Brad! Brad Womack was one of the most standup guys on The Bachelor ever, who just decided to let his honesty and integrity drive him forward, and for that, he was punished with the slap heard round the world. We are here once and for all to set the record straight: Brad deserves justice and redemption. He was a good guy who just didn’t happen to fall in love. Who here can truly condemn him?

Also in the episode, we talk about our love for Michelle Money and Ashley, plus we dish up all the juicy drama that has been happening in Bachelor Nation as of late. Come for the Bachelor news, stay for the Gordon Ramsay hot take. It’s all here on Pop Culture Diner!

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