S5E9 – Rose Plate Special: Classic Seasons – Nick Viall

Pop Culture Diner
Pop Culture Diner
S5E9 - Rose Plate Special: Classic Seasons - Nick Viall

Rose Plate Special – Classic Episodes: Nick Viall

Most of you who know us know that we have a lot of Wisconsin ties, and in fact, live in Wisconsin right now! We are exactly the types of people who should love Nick just because he is showing people his illustrious home town of Waukesha (that he conveniently leaves for dinner in the Milwaukee Art Museum). But try as they might, we just can’t seem to get into Nick Viall. What we DO like, however, are most of the women on his season. We spend extra time on Raven, Corinne, Taylor, Vanessa, Alexis, and, of course, Rachel (one of our all-time faves).

Tune in for more speculating over “is that really their house?” Natasha, if you’re reading this, please tell us where you filmed, if it was your house, and if not, where it was, because we are obsessed!

Next week, Sammi will share whether she ended up buying items from Raven’s store or not.

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