S7E6 – Rose Plate Special: Bachelor Matt James – Episode 6

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Pop Culture Diner
S7E6 - Rose Plate Special: Bachelor Matt James – Episode 6

Rose Plate Special: Bachelor Matt James – Episode 6

Last week, we started to talk about the problematic past of Rachael Kirkconnell, but we really didn’t know the half of it. Right after we started recording, we found plenty of articles corroborating what the one story we knew about alleged, and worse. So the first 30 minutes of this podcast is really us going through some of those resources, and also offering suggestions for further listening.

While we haven’t listened to full episodes yet because we don’t want our content to be heavily influenced by anyone else’s takes, we have read posts and watch videos and recommend these two podcasts (IG pages linked for some great posts):

Here’s the Refinery29 piece referenced that includes Chris Harrison’s interview with Rachel Lindsay and more, for good measure.

Our main takeaways from this episode: Katie is great, we still love Tyler, the people we love on TV may not be people we love IRL, and Heather really set herself up for failure by doing this.

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